The new Manhattan Pod hotel


I was looking for a nice affordable hotel for the Women’s Travel Fest I ran across these “Pod Hotels”. I was immediately impressed. They are small rooms with everything you need, for a great price in a great area! What more can you ask for right? Not to mention they are really nice and cute! Not to get this mixed up with the “Pod Chamber” You might see in across Asia. Unless they have a private shower and toilet in the Pod chamber.   Sometimes you just need a nice, clean place to sleep and shower that will not break the bank. With hostels you do not always want to share a room or bathroom. Well these new Pods in Manhattan give you just that. When you think of cheaper hotels you tend to get what you pay for. With this Pods you got a lot.


Pod39 Hotel $100 to $200.  Some are with bunk beds. Some are singles. All have free wireless Internet service and bathrooms with a smoked-glass shower. All rooms have desks and open closets. Each room has its own climate control and aluminum shades. A media control center next to each bed allowed guests to connect their personal electronic devices to the television or in-room speakers.

Pod39 has a roof bar that features a Moroccan theme with a colorful motif. How cool is that right!


“The Pod is not about being cool; it’s about being intelligent,” says Born, owner of the Pod39.  “It’s an idea of a culture and community. People won’t come here as a price alternative; they will come here because they want to be here. It’s practical. It has everything someone could want. It doesn’t have to be luxurious. These are tech-savvy people. They want free wireless Internet. I couldn’t agree with you more Mr. Born. Expect for that price not being a huge reason for being there. LOL

The Pod has an easy going crowd. Already at over 96% occupancy, Pod39 will soon add drinking and dining options. A snack-friendly restaurant will open in the lobby late this fall. Ken Friedman, owner of the Spotted Pig and Rusty Knot, will oversee food and beverage, including the rooftop bar already drawing a chic crowd with no publicity or advertising.

A lounge will have Ping Pong tables, a fireplace and couches.

Born thinks the idea of Pod will take off. The company plans more in New York City as well as in Boston, Los Angeles, Washington and Miami.

I would love to see these Pods everywhere! Now I only want to travel where they have Pods. So tell me what you think about them and if you have ever stayed anywhere like this.

Until next time don’t forget to GRAB YOUR LIPSTICK & PASSPORT.

Witter by Sasha Lovr



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