Woke up to staff stealing from us at Grand Oasis Cancun

by Girl With A Passport
Woke up to staff stealing from us at Grand Oasis Cancun at 1am! I was without needed cancer meds due to there disgusting theft ring!
After doing a little research & talking to a few of the old guest who posted theft reviews….
THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS & GRAND OASIS CANCUN IS KNOW FOR THEFT. THE MANAGERS, FRONT DESK AND ALL. I did a search for other reviews that claim to have things stolen. The date goes back to 2015 maybe further & Grand Oasis Cancun responded to the review so they are aware of it. So why is it in 2018 guest are still getting robbed in their sleep??? Throughout this blog I have posted clips of others who had theft problems from Grand Oasis Cancun,
*random theft reviews below*
1. 1st item they got was my pill case. I have cancer & all my meds were in there. I was sick in pain & not well off & on.
2. Then I notice my new pink jacket was gone.
3. My brand new phone charge I bought for the trip.
4. And my Elf selfie lite I bough for the trip.
5. Of course any and all the cash we had.
The staff is the worse!! rude rude rude!! Like so many reviews stated the whole hotel is in on this GRAND OASIS CANCUN THEFT RING.
*Random theft review on Grand Oasis*
Next night GETS WORSE  someone broke in our room while we were sleeping. I open my eyes it was dark I started to scream “WHAT DO YOU WANT WHAT DO YOU WANT” I did 3 incident reports but no one really took it serious. It started to make sense because the things they stole were always with me. So they got them in the middle of the night while we were sleep to make it seem like I had misplaced it. That’s what I thought until I woke up with him in the action.
  I was so scared we did not sleep until we got on our plane. Too afraid to sleep in the hotel room.
Then to top the trip off  trip there shuttle team at the Hotel schedule our shuttle for the wrong time. Even though I gave him our correct flight info. So we then had to find our own ride to the airport. We had no money because your staff had stolen it all. So getting a cab was hard. We had to beg and borrow to get $21. All because there guys messed up my shuttle. IT WAS THERE MISTAKE & YOU COULDN’T PUT US IN A CAB?
For starters I deserve & want every peso of my money back. I have done a dispute & if they fight me on it I am I AM FIGHTING THEM WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE IN ME!!!!
You stole my cancer meds you assholes!!!
*Grand Oasis random theft review*

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 Grand Oasis you and you hotel are both disgusting.
Be safe lock your things up when your poor countries like this. Or anywhere you travel really.

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