Uber Express Pool, Offers Cheaper Ride Option but how simple is it?

Express POOL

Walk a little, save a lot with Uber’s most affordable option

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According to Uber & the Traveler

The ride-sharing app’s latest product, Express Pool, costs up to 75 percent less than a regular Uber X.

If you’re a regular Uber user, you know the feeling. You request your UberPool, cross your fingers, and pray to the gods above that you end up alone in the car share. Unfortunately, those rides are set to become fewer and farther between, as Uber seeks to perfect rider-driver matching in its latest product, Express Pool. But they will be way, way cheaper—up to a whole 75 percent cheaper than a regular Uber X. So cheap, in fact, that some rides will cost just $2 (that’s cheaper than a San Fran Muni bus ticket).

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Launched today in Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Denver (pilot cities San Francisco and Boston have had it for a few weeks now), Express Pool adds something new to your journey: walking. In an effort to make those shared rides more efficient, cheaper, and direct, you’ll now have to walk to and from your designated pick up and drop off points so the driver doesn’t have to deviate from the route to get you where you need to go.

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In this new option, you’ll request your Express Pool from, say, that bar or museum you just explored, wait a couple of minutes, and then your Uber app will connect you with your ideal driver, according to Ethan Stock, Uber’s Director of Product: Shared Rides. That driver-rider match won’t be be at your front door anymore. Once you’re connected with your route, the app will map your walk to meet your driver (probably one or two blocks), who will then pick you up and then drop off a few people on the way before finally leaving you one or two blocks away from your final destination.


This is my main concern….With the regular Uber Pool drivers do not make much money on pool so they will cancel your ride. Just this past Saturday I was trying to Uber to Downtown Atlanta with no luck. 2 Ubers canceled on me with a $5 fee for me to pay. I had to go in and try and get a credit for them. So will the drivers be avoiding these rides while we sit there and keep trying and trying racking up  $5 fee each time they cancel on us????


So what you think? Is walking a couple blocks worth the save for you? let me know in the comments below!


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